Dr. Bonner also offers innovative interventions drawn from a psychotherapeutic orientation called Coherence Therapy (formerly known as Depth Oriented Brief Therapy-- D.O.B.T., developed by Bruce Ecker, Ph.D & Laurel Hulley, Ph.D.).

Coherence Therapy is an experiential approach that draws upon the findings of neurobiology and constructivism to 1) elucidate the compelling purposes served by emotional symptoms and 2) provide experiential interventions designed to dissolve these symptoms at their roots. Dr. Bonner has found Coherence Therapy to be a valuable complement to the
Internal Family Systems Model-- that is, specific parts of our mind produce and maintain symptoms for reasons that are coherent and purposeful.

The Coherence Therapy approach is especially effective in working with teens, as it abstains from pushing them to make changes and is respectful of their need to "save face" by making changes when they are ready. This perspective is similar to the therapist and parenting guidelines described in the page on
Parenting Teens.

Coherence Therapy website:
Coherence Therapy Introduction Videos:
Parts 1 & 2
Dr. Ecker on Memory Reconsolidation:
20 min. video
Transcript of 2013 Interview with Dr. Ecker:
10 page PDF

Bonner, C. (2009)  The Element of Surprise in Coherence Therapy with Teens Unpublished chapter (18 pages)-- focuses on the treatment of academic procrastination in a high school student. Download PDF

Bonner, C. (2013) Memory Reconsolidation: A Framework for Psychotherapy Integration? (Book Review of Unlocking the
Emotional Brain
-- see next entry below). In The GPPA Report
(quarterly newsletter of the Greater Pittsburgh Psychological
Association), Winter Issue.
Download Issue

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Kindle edition )

Coherence Therapy

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